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Queera Lynn

Queera Lynn, host at Arch Clapham.
Arch Clapham's

Queera Lynn

Hello, I’m Queera Lynn, Britains one and only wartime Drag queen and the last surviving icon of the 1940s. A pin girl and national sweetheart, I’ll inspire and entertain all.

I’m a singer, stand up comedian and fabulous host for any event. I’m all those women that kept our fabulous island together. I’m the land girl pulling veg for Britain, I’m the factory worker shining shells and I’m the fabulous socialite on her way to smoke Churchills cigar.

I’ve been doing drag for roughly 2 and a half years, and it could only of ever gone in this direction. To say I have a historical obsession is an understatement. I have turned my home into a private museum that puts some museums to shame! So if you see me wearing a medal at a show, odds are. It’s real!

I’ve always been inspired by the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Vera Lynn (obviously) and my girl Edith Piaf. The level of passion and commitment Piaf delivered on stage is something that I always hope to reach. The women of this era had a charm, a class and a gravitas which is rarely seen in both celebrity and drag culture these days… Well until I showed up of course!

All About Queera Lynn

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Pronouns: She/Her (on stage) He/Him (off)

Favourite Drink: Dr Pepper, I don’t know who the Dr is but FairPlay.

Queen I would like to meet: I would say Latrice Royle but I did porn idol at heaven when I was 22 and she came to judge, I did it just so I could meet her and she spanked me with my belt so mission accomplished. 

Where to find me when I’m not in drag: The Gym or on a hilariously long walk.

Favourite diva to perform: Diana Ross – Upside Down… Having a full dance floor cut shapes to you singing that is just the coolest moment you can hope for.

One song that is the Soundtrack to my life: Creedence Clearwater Revival — Fortunate Son… this song could rev me out of my own coffin.

Favourite review: ‘Frankie Boyle with tits’.

Favourite Cigar: Romeo and Juliet Cubans.

Favourite plane: Spitfire.

Favourite random fact: Cleopatra lived closer to the building of the Shard than the Great Pyramid.

Favourite city: Rome.

Favourite Royal: Camilla.

It’s not just the fabulous ladies of this era that have helped shape me as an artist. Musically I love to perform country, rock, disco and a few cheeky originals in both German and French.  At home I’m probably jamming out to Creedence Clearwater Revival or Boney M but it’s those ladies faces watching me dance from the walls.

Comically I  have a very dark and dry sense of humour, which if you’re in the audience you’re bound to discover for yourself! Comical hero’s of mine include Frankie Boyle, Karl Pilkington and Mickey Flannigan. I used to do stand up before I got into drag and often won quotes of the night at comedy events and even spent a spell as a Trump impersonator (yeah you read that last bit right).  

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