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Monroe - Host at Arch Clapham
Arch Clapham's


Who TF is Mønroe?! The Pop Punk Princess of Putney and your mum's worst nightmare, that's who!

I’ve been doing drag for nearly 8 years now and my style’s evolved from musical theatre idiot to punk idiot…the idiocy remains consistent at least.

Singing the songs you used to blast too loud in your rooms as teenagers - from Paramore to P!nk, My Chemical Romance to Lady Gaga, songs that'll have you on your feet and screaming till your lungs give out!

All About Mønroe

Arch Clapham - London's Premier LGBTQ+ Venue

Pronouns: She/They

Favourite Drink: Spiced Rum

A Drag Queen You Would like to meet: Adore Delano, durrrr

Where to find me when I’m not doing Drag: In bed, sometimes on my own x

Favourite Pop Icon Diva to perform to: Katy Perry or Kesha are always gunna go down a treat with me

One song that is the soundtrack to my life: Throat Goat by Miss Kimberly Petras

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