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Miss Gendered

Miss Gendered at Arch Clapham
Arch Clapham's

Miss Gendered

The self coined ‘Glamour Clown of London Town’, Miss Gendered is the all singing, questionable dancing queen of the London scene, striking the spectrum of silly and stunning directly down the senter (spelling…?) At the ripe old age of four, she is taking the drag world by storm - one sarrcy comment at a time.

All About Miss Gendered

Arch Clapham - London's Premier LGBTQ+ Venue

Pronouns: She/Her

A drag queen you’d like to meet: Well no one alive is particularly interesting so I’m gonna go with Lily Savage, bring her back!

Where to find me when I’m not doing drag: In a small, padded cell recharging ready for the next show.

Favourite diva to perform: I do like a bit of Freddie.

Soundtrack to my life: The ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ theme music.

A quintessential ‘Genny’ performance features the very best of the musical theatre repertoire, your favourite bangers from past and present, and a sense of humour so dry even a double vodka lemonade and lime will hydrate it – but we implore you to try!

Photo credits: Pink – @cerioxmanphoto Brunette – @thejosephkent Teal – @shotsbyaimee_

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